If you receive the error message "Your account has been suspended" when trying to login, it’s likely due to one of the following reasons.

If your account has been Disabled and you are receiving the message "Your account is not enabled" please read Your account is not enabled. However, If you receive the message "Your account has been suspended" please continue reading this article.

Reasons for Suspended accounts


If we've detected any possible fraudulent activity on your account, we may have suspended it.


This means the person that pays for the subscription has reversed a payment to RefNow through their bank, credit card company, or online payment service (such as PayPal). This disables the account the charge occurred on and reverts it to Free. We send email notifications to all accounts affected when this happens.

How do I get my account back?

If you feel there's been some confusion, you can contact us by sending a message using the live chat icon.

Note: You may need to provide proof of ownership of your account, purchase, or payment details, so be sure to have them ready.

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